Nicodemus conditioned to reject God

G4151 he cannotG1410 G3756 enterG1525 intoG1519 theG3588 kingdomG932 of God.G2316
Again men have created their own way of admitting people to the church.

Mat 18:4  WhosoeverG3748 thereforeG3767 shall humbleG5013 himselfG1438 asG5613 thisG5124 little child,G3813 the sameG3778 isG2076 greatestG3187 inG1722 theG3588 kingdomG932 of heaven.G3772
Mat 16:18  AndG1161 I say alsoG2504 G3004 unto thee,G4671 ThatG3754 thouG4771 artG1488 Peter,G4074 andG2532 uponG1909 thisG5026 rockG4073 I will buildG3618 myG3450 church;G1577 andG2532 the gatesG4439 of hellG86 shall notG3756 prevail againstG2729 it.G846
Mat 16:19  AndG2532 I will giveG1325 unto theeG4671 theG3588 keysG2807 of theG3588 kingdomG932 of heaven:G3772 andG2532 whatsoeverG3739 G1437 thou shalt bindG1210 onG1909 earthG1093 shallG2071 be boundG1210 inG1722 heaven:G3772 andG2532 whatsoeverG3739 G1437 thou shalt looseG3089 onG1909 earthG1093 shall beG2071 loosedG3089 inG1722 heaven.G3772
Men and women read Matthew 16:18 and they are not able to see the message to peter. They seek to claim the authority the Lord gave Peter alone. We are in the situation that Nicodemus was in we refuse to hear believe and obey.  Those who hear, understand, and obey the sermon that Peter preached . Those are added to the kingdom of God. There is no other way.  There is no indication I can find that Nicodemus accepted the invitation. Likewise many of us will reject it. We have assurance that rejection or acceptance of some other teachings equals death of the soul.