A rock that cannot be turned

I believe that the Bible has a pattern, an example, a blue print, call it what your mind wish. But it is the pattern Jesus left for his disciples to teach for the conversion of the world. It gives us clear indication of what we should be doing to achieve salvation. Those people claiming to be Christians today who has not followed the pattern are not saved. And they will spend eternity with Satan whom they now serve. Who is or ever was more qualified to tell what we should do but the Lord who will judge all? John 14:6, 15:6, 16:15, Man wants to devise his own plan of salvation and then order God to endorse it. According to Job 38:1-41 The desire should squeeze the very life from the man or woman who seek to change or pervert God's word. God is highly displeased with the soul that seeks to command what belongs to God.

  Acts 2:38-41 Prescribes the plan taught to the disciple by Jesus. I some times wonder if many or any of the false teachers today ever read and understood a Bible. Near the very beginning of the Gospel according to Matthew Jesus had it written that he would build his church on the confession that he was and is the Son of God. We also find in there that he promised Peter the keys to the kingdom. Matthew 16:18-19. Many folks take the opportunity to speak evil of Peter. True Peter was impulsive, He denied the Lord and perhaps said some things he should not have. Yet, nowhere in the Bible did I read that the Lord withdrew the promise from Peter. In fact in John 21 beginning at the 15 verse Jesus reminded Peter of that promise and removed the doubt that accumulated during his death and resurrection.

I think it important to note here that Peter did not use smoke and mirror to teach the first lesson under grace. Peter presented a practical application that all men and women can follow and be saved. In the business world that is known as a process that can be duplicated. If it worked in
Jerusalem it should work in Dallas TX.  That is one of the landmarks of the church and can never be changed. The plan presented by the savior has essential elements to tie those that obey to the savior and his relationship with the father.  The man or woman who decided that repeating Romans 10:9 was enough for salvation was flammable, anyone who believes his or her prescription for salvation is also flammable and will burn with him or her. The prescription presented by peter is flame and death proof and the blood of Jesus makes it so. One cannot be flame proofed by Jesus blood by so declaring that he or she is saved. One must follow his directions to obtain such. Jesus left a working prescription. We know that it works because he proofed it on the cross and rose from the dead. Now tell me which of your TV preachers ever did that? Many of them died, but how many rose again? Those who saw him after his resurrection wrote that he said to them "Go yea in to all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature and he that believes and is baptized shall be saved. He that believes not shall be dammed. Possibly those groups wanting to make their own rules about salvation? Mark 15:16 It is of a fact that Mark 16:17 reads "and these sign shall follow them that believe; I my name shall the cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues". Mark 16:18 goes on to say they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them .They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Most people want to destroy the entire Bible over these fulfilled passages. We see them all manifested in the lives of the people Jesus said this to. It had an intended purpose and it fulfilled that purpose.  It proved that the Apostles were from Jesus before the Bible was written. We must remember that at the time Jesus was on earth as today there were many claiming to have the word of life. What kooks are doing today is not new. Read your Bible! Mark 16 is not the only chapter in the Bible.
There are some claiming Christ who just does not know. They seem to think that they have discovered something that Christians of old missed in the Bible. Did you know that early Christians got the gospel before the Bible was written? They had heard and understood the message. Some even saw these events come to pass. It is sad to note that in our times greed and the desire for fame and fortune continues to lead some to deceive others over these very simple verses. They ignore the essentials of Mark 16 and go straight to the part intended to fill pews and empty vain followers pockets. Perhaps their efforts are just deserts for thrill seekers. These passages served their intended purpose before the Holy bible was written.