I did not make the rules I just came to realize that it is written and many do not seem to know about it. In fact most were offended  to read  that these measures are required to become worthy of salvation. Worthy: Now this is a word that disappeared from the American language some years ago. With the arrival of the age of entitlement, men and women forgot the necessity to acquire the right to  claim that which have conditions. I am very afraid of some the rhetoric I hear concerning salvation, how one gets it and how one keeps it. I do know that the Bible proves that Jesus is the only son of God. That he died on the cross for the sin of the world. Matthew  27:46. Scripture also shows that Jesus rose again from the dead with all power in his hands. Matthew 28:9

Because of the death of Jesus many come to understand that it was his shed blood that have the power to save. This was the pattern of the old Testament, blood was required to atone for sin. Human blood was required to atone for human sin once and for all. I often hear people say that they are covered by the blood of Jesus. Jesus was the innocent lamb without blemish. To be worthy of coverage under the blood one must meet the conditions set forth.  Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:16.

The so called "sinner's prayer" is not found in the Bible therefore I understand that it cannot make one worthy of salvation. If man cannot remove his own sin; man cannot design his own plan of salvation. Please do not take my word for it  is written in the scripture for all to read and understand. If you and I choose to not read and understand we are condemning ourselves to damnation for it is written. John 12:28.  I urge you never rely on what I say or write  Read and understand what is written.  Some may believe that the preacher or spiritual leader is responsible for what the follower does or believe. This not so.  Mark 16:15 , 16. The person that believes  the gospel and is baptized shall be saved. I keep noting that there is no mention of taking any action in regards to anything called a sinner's prayer. However the action that makes one worthy of salvation is clearly stated.

Can we imagine a man or woman who labor at some teaching only to arrive at the end of life to find it to be false?  Matthew 15:13 and many other  verses teaches this reality. The choice is up to us.  Will you give up your eternal salvation to please someone who do not even care enough about you to tell you the truth?  Loneliness is a concept that the world teaches. We cannot be lonely with Jesus. Evil just cannot stand to be near us, so it tells us we are lonely for the misery it brings. Think about it and make the sane choice.

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