Mat_10:33  ButG1161 whosoeverG3748 G302 shall denyG720 meG3165 beforeG1715 men,G444 himG846 will I alsoG2504 denyG720 beforeG1715 myG3450 FatherG3962 whichG3588 is inG1722 heaven.G3772

When I get so caught up on the money aspects of running "my ministry" that I forget to or think it more expedient to hide the name of the king what have I done? The kingdom belongs to the king and I am a subject. I am bound by the decrees and laws of the king. 
Who will flaunt misconduct in the face of the king and his army, or the Lord and his angels?

If a man says that he believes in no God and stands up for his position is he any worse than the man who claims to believe in God and violates his laws?
When we consider the development of American religion some things just jump out at us.  Most of us will realize that America as we know it broke away from England and her king in the 1700s.  I have seen paintings of  our first commander in chief on his knees in prayer during those difficult years. We can be sure that his petition included a request for assistance from above, and may have contained promises of adoration and devotion.
A new weak nation won its independence from a mighty England. Some at the time believed  that the hand of providence visited this land  allowing it to win a war not in it's favor.  I am sure that we all, or at least some enjoy freedom from a cruel unfeeling king.
Many came to this new nation because of their ability to  worship the God of the Bible. Some of us also realize that we can never gain independence from the heavenly king and worship according to his divine ordinance. The holy Bible. For others it appear that they believe that independence was from the heavenly king as well.  They hide under the canopy of Christianity and conduct activities that God has clearly forbidden.

Many have removed the name of God from the name of their congregation so that "no one is offended who might want to visit" They deny their association with  the teaching of Holy Scriptures. Some have gone so far as to write their own bibles. Establishing their own message of salvation.   
2Ti_4:3  ForG1063 the timeG2540 will comeG2071 whenG3753 they will notG3756 endureG430 soundG5198 doctrine;G1319 butG235 afterG2596 their ownG2398 lustsG1939 shall they heapG2002 to themselvesG1438 teachers,G1320 having itchingG2833 ears;G189

Is scriptural baptism really necessary

There are procedures that must be followed for a person to be birthed into the physical world complications leads to physical death. Failure to follow procedures Mark 16:16, for spiritual birth leads to complications and spiritual death.
If one has been lied to about the need for Scriptural baptism what else can one believe about an organization's teachings?

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