Shall we agree to be bound in hell?

There is a much abused buzzword among some calling themselves Christians. "Agreement" is a phrase used to trap the simple minded when it comes to religion. Jesus did teach his apostles concerning their agreement concerning teaching of his doctrine and the establishment of his church. Matt 18:19.  Men and women with evil intentions today twist that scripture to force their will on the unsuspecting. They make the assumption that God will accept anything that two or more agree on.  They make vows to give Tithe and ignore Deuteronomy 23:18.  Most people claiming to tithe appear to not even know that the preceding verse is in the Bible.  The vast majority is simply following a crowd, multitude to do evil. Exodus 23:2. 

Every man and woman is responsible for his or her own salvation. What our parent believed may not be right for us. We need to learn to study and understand for ourselves. When we know the truth we are less likely to allow someone to lead us to the slaughter.
We could be in serious trouble if we agree to do something that violates God's law and assume that he will overlook it because two or more of us agreed. Discern is often used among the same groups that like the word agree. These people like to claim that they have Biblical knowledge beyond what is written. The source is often said to be the Holy spirit.

The idea of idle women being swept away by vain talk is not new. 1Titus 4:7 points to some of the vain fables that idle women are likely to reach. Wives were around the house most of the day and shared idle gossip and soon developed doctrines all their own. Children hear the things their mothers speak and use that to exploit other women. This is especially true of male children.  Most of the Charismatic preachers target women. They learned at an early age to exploit women. Women think that their sons have some special gift when they are nothing but cheap crooks. They twist scriptures to promote their craft and gain ungodly access to females of the population.

The exploitive males often will not work but seek to feed on the meager resources of women on assistance. In the 1970 there was an out-cry concerning sorry males that lived on the resources of widows and orphans. Today they obtain a preacher's licenses and do it right under the eyes of the law. Women with degrees in education even get caught up in the devil's cycle. Four of every five women I talk to will often state "I have dated, or I am dating a preacher" Even when these crooks reveal themselves to be wolves in sheep clothing women will continue to chase them. We need to realize that this is not a new game in town. Isaiah 10:2 noted such activity before Jesus arrived.

I think it a dangerous thing to try and fill the role of the scribes and Pharisees Matthew 23:14. Solomon did rightly speak in stating "There is nothing new under the sun" We do err when we allow ourselves to be taken by the wiles of the devil. The scriptures have ample warnings to keep us safe on our weakest day.  We must study to understand how we interface with the message of the scriptures. Fables are not in God's plans for us. Why then do we go whoring after such things when we know where they are leading? It is a fool's game we play. We put on a show claiming that we have communication with the Holy Spirit. Yet we fail to understand that Paul said that which is perfect would come 1Cor 13:10.  We fail to realize that Paul was referring to the performing of miracles speaking in unknown languages and other miraculous events. The Holy scripture contains all that a man or woman will ever need to prove that the Bible is the inspired word of God. A lie can not stand in the light of truth.

When it comes to believing what we hear today caution is in order. I see other instances of the village idiot becoming king. We must be willing to investigate scripture for our own understanding.